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Packet loss issues with CS:GO only - Please help!

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  • Packet loss issues with CS:GO only - Please help!

    It's been 4 days already that I have between 5% - 80% packet loss in-game (It jumps up and comes back down).I've tried talking to my ISP and they checked everything and found no problems, they restarted my internet line and placed me in a better server, and it didn't fix the problem.I even tried changing my rate from 786432 to 196608 and nothing...My internet speedtest results are: 80.48 mb/s Download and 2.8 mb/s Upload. and ofc I'm connected via cable and not WiFi. routerlogin 192.168.l.l

    If anyone could help me fix this loss problem that would be really nice.
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    I think the best solution is to disable any software updates (windows too) while playing. Antivirus is often using your connection. Go to Resource Monitor in the task manager. Or you can also use TCPView: explained tool usage by dissertation writer tech khan academy.