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    I come from Elsword and many other MMOs, got Mistel to max level, I have a long way to go, but I have one main concern, that is: how p2w is closers?
    You see, elsword is also fun, fast paced, and you steamroll until hitting the cap, but once there everything becomes impossible and the grind is so heavy that paying is the only way to realistically progress, I like closers, but I feel like there's something shady in the back, stuff like better enchantment levels or extremely good costumes behind pay walls.
    And no, I wasn't a crybaby on elsword, I stood as a f2p player and got to the top 50 for clearing time on Henir, but that took a lot of time and effort, which I don't have right now, I'm not willing to grind way too much to progress without paying.usps tracking showbox speed test

    Some other questions: how's the population? How's mistel in general (idc I love playing him)?
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